Family Tour of Israel Details

Family Tour of Israel

In conjunction with the Israel Experience Dep’t of the Jewish Agency, we are proud to offer you an exciting 12-day Jewish tour of Eretz Yisrael. Accommodation in quality hotels, all tours, strictly kosher meals, minyanim & luxury bus. See Israel as a part of this ‘family’ group & experience our homeland like never before. Whether this is your first time or one of many trips, this will prove to be an experience of your lifetime!

Tour Dates: TBA
Cost: TBA

Day 1- meet in Tel Aviv, travel North, donkey riding
Day 2- mystical Tzfat, Rashbi-Meron, Amuka, Shabbat
Day 3- Shabbat in North, Motsei Shabbat dinner/cruise
Day 4 Golan Heights- jeeping, Talmudic Park, winery
Day 5- Massada, Ein Gedi, camels- Bedouin Tent
Day 6- Dead Sea, Air Force Museum
Day 7- Archaeological Dig, Latrun tanks, kosher KFC/Mc Donalds
Day 8- Old City of Jerusalem, David’s City, Kotel tunnels
Day 9- Gush Etzion, Hevron, Kotel Shabbat
Day 10- walking synagogue tour- Jerusalem Shabbat, Havdallah concert
Day 11- Tel Aviv/Yaffo, Final Banquet
Day 12- Yad Vashem, Jerusalem Closing Ceremony

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