Study in Israel

Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies (for men & women)

Located in the heart of Jerusalem, Mayanot’s yeshiva offers adult Jewish education in it’s full-time, part-time, semester, summer, and winter programs for English speaking students and young adults. The JSP is designed for the serious student with little or no background in Hebrew language and textual study. The high teacher-to-student ratio ensures each student personal attention. An intensive Ulpan (Hebrew language learning program) is combined with a full curriculum in Jewish Philosophy, Chumash (Bible), Gemara (Talmud), Jewish Mysticism, Halacha (Jewish Law), Chassidism and Jewish History.

The Yeshiva program emphasizes advanced study of the Gemara (Talmud) and Jewish Law as well as critical, in-depth analysis of their supporting texts and commentaries. Students are instilled with independent study skills, preparing them to eventually teach/study on their own.

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Machon Alte Seminary (for women)

Machon Alte Seminary was established in 1977 as the only Chabad-Lubavitch School in Israel offering a challenging full-time academic program for young Jewish women seeking to discover and nourish their Jewish roots. Machon Alte is located in the beautiful scenic and historic city of Safed. Surrounded by the green hills of the Galilee, away from the hustle and bustle of city life distractions, it is an ideal place for study and contemplation. The holiness and peaceful atmosphere seeps into one’s being, clearing the mind.

Machon Alte’s unique curriculum offers deep insights into the mystical teachings of Torah. Philosophical, spiritual, and ethical dimensions of classical Chassidic thought, together with in depth study and analysis of the psychology of our relationship with G-d, serves to provide answers to many deeply buried questions. Most students come from homes with little or no background in Judaism. We offer a comprehensive program of Jewish studies, with the core courses being Jewish Law, Torah and Prophets, Jewish Meditation and Prayer, Jewish Philosophy (Chassidut), and Hebrew Ulpan. There are classes for beginning and advanced students which are conducted in English, Hebrew, and Russian. Classes in additional languages are available upon request

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